Jan 23 2011

Building Your Own Custom Movie Brush for Photo Mosaic Effects

by Synthetik in Uncategorized الخيارات الثنائية محاكاة التجارة

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For this particular example i set out to build my image collection purely based on the textural qualities of the individual images (the organic textures of groups boulders by the ocean). As i mentioned before, oftentimes building a full featured color gamut in the individual photos when viewed as a whole is an important part of building a collection of images for photo mosaic purposes.

You can also pay attention to the meaning of the individual images, building collections that may reference irony, emotional content of the individual images, whatever suits your artistic purpose. For example, since the source photo for the example mosaic at the top of the post is Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, a more ironical artistic intent might have been to have put together a collection of photos of all of the celebrities he made fun of, and then used their individual photos to build up the movie brush for the photo mosaic picture of Ricky.

I’m not trying to make some grand artistic statement here, i’m just trying to show you how to build a custom movie brush. But if you are trying to make some grand artistic statement with your work, then how you choose the specific images that build your custom movie brush should be a very deliberate process, one that helps to reinforce whatever it is you are trying to achieve in the piece.

I also typically spend a lot of time working with each individual image prior to running the PASeq to turn them into a movie brush. I custom crop each individual image, and retouch or optimize them as appropriate for what i’m trying to achieve.

For example, a lot of my personal work involves movie brushes made from custom graffiti images i’ve taken over the years in intese urban settings. I go to great lengths to individually crop each photo to achieve a very flat look associated with each of the individual textures generated by the closeup photos of the graffiti patterns. So i don’t just snap a bunch of photos quickly like i did in this example, and then auto-generate a movie brush. I put a lot of thought and energy into individually working with each of the individual photos in the entire collection so that they will achieve the artistic effect i’m looking for in the final photo mosaic piece.