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Studio Artist is the most revolutionary tool I have ever set my hands on.

Studio Artist introduces so many new parameters, it makes my head spin. From its “intelligent painting actions” to its remarkable animation tools, it is so vast and so relevant to what I feel art needs, if I am to continue the work that has been done by our predecessors and go to where natural media can’t go.

Studio Artist is the one tool that enabled me to venture beyond the “still picture” stage and into “painting in time.” This “painting in time” had been on my mind even long before I had to go digital, but the way Studio Artist enables me to explore it is so very intuitive, so similar to what I would consider “normal” when working in my traditional way; it is really amazing.

I often hit moments working with it when I feel intense gratitude to its author, John Dalton.

-Jean Detheux

Fell in LOVE!

First saw it at demo at Final Cut Pro user group. Can’t believe
how amazing this software is. Possibilities are endless, so is the
fun. Thanks for developing this software.

– Laurie pepper

Create beautiful work with a minimum of drudgery

I want to thank you for a beautiful piece of software that runs on my new Mac. It’s great fun and makes it so possible to create beautiful work with a minimum of drudgery. Thanks again.

-H. Thomas

This program rocks!

Totally different results to anything I have produced. And easy to use and fun!

-Robbie Bryon

I think Studio Artist allows artists to bring back “play” and experimentation into the creation of digital fine art and it’s clearly the most intuitive natural media tool available for the Mac (and I’ve been using Macs since 1985).

– David Janik-Jones

Wowie Zowie!

You guys are a-m-a-z-i-n-g !!!!!!!

If the rest of the country, let alone the world
was run the way you folks are running your
shop, we’d be way better off!

-Peter Terezakis

Loving SA

Only problem is that it is detracting from my regular work! I love this software.

– Ben Balser

Your service is on par with your product, absolutely excellent!

This program is amazing!…

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