Jan 28 2011

Simple Example Working with Alpha Channels and Layers

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I then made a second layer (using the Canvas : Layer : New Layer menu command). I then dragged the source image of the golden gate bridge to the second layer. The canvas view now looks like the 2nd gallery image above. Note in the 3rd gallery image that the layer stack is configured so that the first layer is the butterfly image and the second layer is the golden gate bridge image. Since the alpha channel of the 2nd layer is full on, this is all we see in the canvas view, even though the view is set to view all.

If i reverse the order of the 2 layers, so that the golden gate bridge is the first layer and the butter fly is the second image (4th gallery image above), then the canvas view (in view all mode) now looks like the 5th gallery image. This is the example image shown at the top of the post.

If i now reduce the first layer’s transparency to 30% (6th gallery image above), then note how the gray solid default background color now mixes into the part of the canvas view not covered over by the alpha masked butterfly in layer 2 (as shown in the 7th gallery image above). أسعار الفوركس How a New Layer’s Alpha Channel is Initialized

You can use the status of the Canvas : Alpha : Initialize menu flags to determine how a new layer’s alpha channel is initially setup when you make a new layer. As shown below, i had it setup to initialize to Full On whenever a new layer was made.


If your goal is to work with multiple alpha enabled layers building up paint effects that are also alpha enabled, then you would probably want your new layers to initialize with their alpha channel set to FullOff. Since you want your painting to gradually fill in the layer’s alpha channel as the paint strokes draw if you are pursuing this particular kind of workflow. binaire opties nep For More Information

Tomorrow’s post will explore how to use alpha enabled paint synthesizer drawing.

Here’s a tip on an Introduction to Layers.

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