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Jan 24 2011

Using a Movie Brush for Stack Filtering Effects

by Synthetik in Uncategorized


Yesterday’s post described how to build a custom movie brush from a personal collection of images. With the ultimate goal of using the movie brush to build a photo mosaic effect in the paint synthesizer. But there are other applications of a custom movie file composed of a disparate set of individual images, like stack filtering. Today’s post will describe how to use temporal image processing effects to build artistic stack filtering effects from your custom movie brush files.

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Nov 20 2010

BW Chaotic Attractor Facial Sketch Built Using Stack Filtering

by Synthetik in Uncategorized


This post covers several different Studio Artist features that were used to build the black and white sketch above. The sketch was generated from a series of 25 different facial images, so it’s a sketch of a virtual face rather than a specific face since the sketch features are derived from all 25 source images. The paint synthesizer sketching preset is also drawing a MSG chaotic attractor.  

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