Mar 07 2012

Training Videos: Changing, Randomizing and Blending Paint Preset Colors

Watch Videos on How to Change the Color of Paint Preset. Plus Randomizing and Blending.


Managing and Changing Paint Preset Colors – Randomizing Color and Color Offsets

How to change the color in paint and drawing presets as well as how to randomize the color and use color offsets to create rich and complex paints in Studio Artist.

Randomizing Color

Deeper look at how to randomize color in real-time to create rich and creative paints in Studio Artist. An explanation through manual painting on how the randomization setting work.

Blending Color

Studio Artist’s dynamic paint presets simulate color blending.  Like when an aritst puts down chalk (for instance) and then overdraws blending the chalk on paper.  This creates dynamic rich natural media paints in Studio Artist as well as unique paint simulations.