Auto Generation of Nested Sub-Blocks to Build Detail in a Regular Grid Photo Mosaic

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  1. I wanted to point out that you could build the tiled selection mask paint steps using the movie brush source, if you had a movie brush with an embedded alpha channel set to full on. You would then use the Source Alpha Brush option for the Brush Type, as opposed to using a rectangular computational brush source like i did in the example above. The advantage of using the same movie brush for all of the paint steps (mosaic painting and selection tiling) is that then the source brush sizing for the selection painting would be directly tied to the movie brush sizing.There’s an additional followup post to this one coming in a few days that discusses how to edit the PASeq to use a different movie brush. The way we built the PASeq above, you then have to manually edit the individual tiled selection paint action steps and adjust their source brush sizing to match the new movie brush. If the entire PASeq just used the same movie brush, then all you’d have to do is load a new movie brush into each of the autopaint action steps with no manual brush size parameter adjustments.

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