Rotoscoping Basics

How to Smooth Flicker in Auto-Rotoscoping Movie Editing Basics with a PAseq Preset This video explains how a Paint Action Sequence (PASeq) works in Studio Artist for making movies.  You can also use any PASeq to make still images as well.  This video will show you how to edit a Factory PASeq Preset.  You will…


Animating Paint

Today’s post is the second part in a simple exercise that shows how to modulate a paint synthesizer parameter associated with generating one movie’s paint animation output, where the parameter is being modulated by a second movie file.

Compositing Movies

  How to Composite movies by using Content Context Action Steps.  How to use Content Context action steps to associate images or movie files as default backgrounds for specific canvas layers. Today we’ll show how to composite 2 different movie files together by using Content Context action steps to associate them as default backgrounds for…


Video Feedback Effect

  Simulating a Video Feedback effect. The post called Simulating Video Feedback described how to build a simple paint action sequence that incorporated an Image Compressor ip op effect and a MSG rotation and scaling effect to simulate analog video feedback. This post take a second look at that post, and shows how to build…


Working with Live Video Processing

The frame capture above was taken from a movie stream generated by using a MSG preset to process live video in Studio Artist. While we often focus on static image or movie processing visual effects that are generated out of real time, there are many interesting live visual performance features available in Studio Artist. Including…