Adding Feature Definition to Extreme Abstraction

  Adding some sort of representational component to an extreme abstracted image can often be a useful way to anchor the abstracted image back to it’s original source in the viewer’s mind. This post will show off how to use the Vectorizer Outline Technique to add source features into an abstracted canvas via an overlay.


Petroglyph Abstraction Effect

A recent discussion on the Studio Artist User Forum about building paint action sequence (PASeq) presets to simulate brown weathered paper inspired me to put together a petroglyph simulation this afternoon. I’ll detail how I built the petroglyph effect in this post.

Color Block Rendition Style

  Recently on the Studio Artist User Forum there’s been a number of user art posts that showcase various blocky abstraction effects. This post details a different approach you can use to build this kind of effect style, as shown above. The idea is to build a stylized blocky abstraction of the source image that…