Automatic White Balance Correction

Studio Artist’s image operation effects include one called White Balance, which you can use to automatically correct the white balance of an image. Today’s post will take a quick look at using the White Balance effect to balance the nighttime lighting in a processed image.

Colorized Mass Abstractor Effect

The Mass Abstractor is a Studio Artist image operation effect. It can process a source image into a variety of different black and white effect styles. What about generating color output from the Mass Abstractor? Today’s post shows one way to do that, using the Colorize image operation effect.

Simulating a Canvas Texture via the Simple Texture Ip Op

There’s are many different approaches you can take to simulate paint effects on lighted textural surfaces and there are several presets in the the Paint Synthesizer that have really nice canvas texture effects. Today’s post starts to break apart a PASeq preset that uses the Simple Texture image operation effect to build an artificial canvas…


Convex Hull Border Treatment Effect

Border effects can be a very effective finishing treatment for a painting or other artistic visual effect. You can configure the paint synthesizer to create a wide variety of different border effects (check out the Borders category for some examples). But you can also use different image processing effects to provide different aesthetic treatments to…


Exploring the Rank MultiScale Filter via Mutating Presets

Yesterday we showed off how to configure the Rank MultiScale Filter image operation effect to build an intelligent smoothing filter that smooths an image while retaining sharp edges. We mentioned in yesterday’s post that like all Studio Artist image operation effects, by adjusting their editable parameters you can dramatically change the type of visual effect…


Intelligent Smoothing using the Rank MultiScale Filter

Intelligent smoothing effects that blur or blend smooth gradient sections of an image while at the same time preserving sharp edges can be very useful. They can be used to create cartoon stylings, or to remove noise artifacts, or to clean up an image prior to subsequent processing. Today’s post will show off a new…


Sketch Mass

Today’s post shows off a simple black and white sketch effect you can create with 2 passes of the Sketch Mass image operation effect. Like the Watershed Sketch ip op we discussed yesterday, you can use Sketch Mass to automatically generate bezier paths if you want to use the paint synthesizer to paint in the…


Texture Synthesizer Displacement Mapping

A favorite Texture Synthesizer effect of mine is to build texture based displacement mapping effects, like the one shown below. This post will show how to modify the simple Texture Synthesizer effect we were working with yesterday and configure it to be a texture driven displacement mapping effect.

Recursive Modulation in the Texture Synthesizer

The Texture Synthesizer is an older Studio Artist operation mode that can be used to generate procedural texture fields and texture based effects. While it is superseded to some extent by MSG these days, there are still lots of interesting visual effects you can generate with it. The Texture Synthesizer is designed so that the…