Using Gallery Show to Generate Mutated Vectorizer Effects

The following image was automatically generated using Studio Artist 4’s new Gallery Show feature. Gallery Show was originally conceived as a way for artist’s to build self-running dynamic art shows using Studio Artist that could be presented in art gallery settings. But we quickly realized that Gallery Show could be used to do much more.…


Using Gallery Show to Automatically Generate New Preset Effects

Yesterday we showed one approach to automatically generating new image processing effects using active link commands in the integrated Help Browser that mutate new image operation effects at the touch of a button. Today we’ll show an alternative approach using Gallery Show features to do the same kind of thing.

Using Gallery Show to Preview an IP OP Effect

The following image gallery above shows off a few random Smart Blur effects generated by using Studio Artist’s new Gallery Show features to randomly mutate new image operation effects in real time. This particular Gallery Show feature is very useful for previewing the range of potential different artistic styles that any given image operation effects…


Using Custom Favorites Presets to Build Gallery Show Effects

One cool feature of Favorites categories is that you can combine together different operation mode presets into a single accessible category. This is useful for organizing different kinds of presets (like paint and image operation presets) that work together to build specific visual effects. Favorites categories can also be used to control Gallery Show processing…