Color Wave Abstraction

Today’s post shows how to build a simple color wave abstraction of the source image. The effect combines a MSG preset that generates a series of colored bands with an interactive warp option that warps the colored bands based on the source image.

Live Video Capture Warping

Interactive warp operation mode lets you dynamically generate a wide variety of different warp effects in real time based on your mouse movement in the Studio Artist canvas. Although there are not currently warp presets, you can save individual warp operations in a PASeq if you want to save them for later use as pre-built…


Adding Symmetry to a Generative Paint Animation

I was working with a paint action sequence (PASeq) that builds generative paint animation when run over time. I wanted to add a symmetry warp effect to the animation. In doing so I ran into an interesting case where just adding the warp effect to my existing PASeq worked fine for a single frame but…


Breaking Symmetry in Kaleidoscopic Effects

We’ve recently been discussing different approaches to building kaleidoscopic effects in Studio Artist. Two days ago we discussed symmetry vs breaking symmetry, and how breaking symmetry can lead to more organic looking effects that still maintain some of the perceptual trigger aspects introduced by symmetry in visual imagery. Today’s post will continue this discussion by…


Alternative Kaleidoscopic Effects

Studio Artist provides a wide range of different and unique kaleidoscopic effects that extend beyond the limited range of typical kaleidoscopic effects seen in other digital effects programs. The image above shows off an inverse kaleidoscopic effect (something unique to Studio Artist). This post will take a look at some of the other kaleidoscopic effects…


Two Different Approaches to Building Kaleidoscopic Effects

 The screen shot below shows 2 different approaches you can take to build kaleidoscopic effects in Studio Artist 4. The Interactive Warp operation mode provides a large number of different Kaleidoscopic effects that can be interactively manipulated in real time. The MSG operation mode also provides a vast range of different kaleidoscopic preset effects as…