Hexagonal Photo Mosaic Grid Effect

Today’s post will discuss how to build a movie brush that incorporates an embedded alpha channel to create a photo mosaic effect based on a hexagonal grid. The trick is to build your movie brush to include a hexagonal embedded alpha channel mask. And to then use that embedded alpha channel movie brush in the…


Using the Vectorizer to Define PhotoMosaic Shapes

Yesterday we showed how to use the Vectorizer to generate flat colored regions that were then used to position paint synthesizer text brush word positioning. Today we’ll show an approach to use the Vectorizer to build a region effect abstracted flat color source representation that the paint synthesizer will then convert into a photo mosaic…


Masked Movie Brush Photo Mosaic Effect

Today’s post will discuss how to create the movie brush photo mosaic effect shown above. The effect uses a movie brush with an embedded alpha channel that masks the objects in each individual movie frame. The effect is also using random paint nib positioning for the individual masked objects, as opposed to laying them down…


Building an Irregular Photo Mosaic Based on the Vectorizer

 The last 2 day’s posts have covered working with photo mosaic effects that tile in a regular grid pattern and allow for addition of non-overlapping sub blocks within the tiling mosaic to add additional detail. At the end of yesterday’s post we briefly mentioned that you could use the Vectorizer to define the region structure…


Hand Painting Nested Sub-Blocks to Build Detail in a Regular Grid Photo Mosaic

Today’s post continues our discussion started yesterday about a particular paint synthesizer approach to generating a traditional photo mosaic rectangular grid. Yesterday we discussed how to modify Path Application control panel settings to setup a regular grid tiling that sub nests with no overlap as the maximum brush size is reduced in 50% increments.

Working with Grid Tiling Options for a Traditional Photo Mosaic Effect

 Studio Artist provides a large number of different approaches to use when building photo mosaic effects (representing a larger image with a collection of smaller images). Many of the photo mosaic feature options available to you allow for much more visually interesting adaptive mosaic block placement that a traditional grid arrangement of rectangular sub image…