Rutt Etra Style Effect Using a DualMode Paint Preset

Today’s post continues our exploration (see last 2 posts) of Rutt Etra video synthesizer style effects. Today we’ll modify a factory paint preset and then use it in a DualMode Paint preset to create a very abstract Rutt Etra like paint effect. The paint preset is combined together with the Smart Blur image operation effect…


Mouse Modulation of MSG Based DualMode Paint Effects

Today’s post continues our discussion of dynamic DualMode Paint animation effects you can interactively control in real time. Yesterday we looked at a DualMode Paint preset based on an interactive warp DualOp. Today we will look at how to configure a MSG based DualOp that is interactively controlled by mouse movement in the canvas while…


DualMode Paint Kaleidoscopic Effects

DualMode Paint operation mode lets you build dynamic paint effects that combine live painting with an interleaved live image processing effect. Today’s post will explore some of the DualMode Paint presets. You can use these amazing presets to quickly generate kaleidoscopic paintings, or to generate live paint animation effects.

Extending DualMode Paint Effects in a Custom PASeq

 Yesterday we showed how to combine paint synthesizer time particles along with an image operation effect to build a dynamic moving paint particle animation from a static source image. One limitation of DualMode Paint is that you can only interleave a single image processing effect into a dynamic paint preset. An alternative approach to building…


DualMode Paint Animation of Evolving Chaotic Attractor

For the last 2 days we’ve explored generating paint animation based on a paint synthesizer preset that incorporates an embedded MSG preset that directs the paint synthesizer to auto-paint a dynamically evolving chaotic attractor. The embedded MSG preset uses temporal generators to procedurally modulate editable parameters associated with the generation of the chaotic attractor shape…


Edge Drifter Interactive DualMode Paint

Today’s post will continue our recent discussion about working with interactive DualMode Paint presets to create dynamic real time abstract procedural animation effects. You can dynamically control the procedural animation by working with the mouse cursor positioning in the canvas while capturing the animation output into an open movie stream.