Moving Object Size Distortion in Temporal Slitscan Effects

Temporal slitscan processing effects can generate all kinds of visually interesting size distortions to objects moving in the movie file processed by the slitscan effect. This post will explore one example of this based on processing a 90 degree video pan with the Temporal Scan Tracker effect.

Temporal Image Processing of Underwater Video

Movies of fish swimming underwater typically work really well as source video for temporal image processing effects. In this post we’ll explore the use of the Temporal Difference Matte effect, and also discuss how to auto-correct the white balance of images or video taken underwater.

How Temporal Generators Work

This post will discuss a simple approach you can take to help you get a better feel for visualizing how different temporal generators work.     The question was actually posted in a discussion about temporal image processing effects, so let’s start by making the distinction between the 2 clear. Temporal image processing effects are…


Temporal Difference and Difference1 Processing

Someone recently asked me some questions about the Temporal Difference1 effect, which is a relatively new temporal image processing effect in Studio Artist 4.03 that was added after the initial 4.0 release and is not documented in the User Guide pdf. This post will discuss the Temporal Difference1 effect, and contrast it to the much…


Live Video Slit Scan Effects

  In the last 2 posts we’ve been discussing how to generate a vast array of different artistic slit scan effects in Studio Artist by processing a source movie file with temporal image operation effects. However, you can also generate live video processing slit scan effects in real time using your Mac’s built in iSight…


Adjusting Slit Scan Effects- Scan Direction

  Studio Artist provides a number of different fully automatic Temporal Image Processing effects that can be adjusted to build a wide range of artistic slit scan effects that process a set of video frames into a static 2D image. These temporal effects include the Temporal Scan Tracker as well as the Temporal Slit Scan…


Working with Temporal Effects and Static Camera View Source Movies

Today’s post continues our discussion from yesterday, where we used a source movie taken with a non moving camera that contains objects (pedestrians) moving within the static view scene. Yesterday we worked with the Temporal Scan Tracker to build SlitScan effects. Today we will look at some other temporal image processing effects that work well…


Mixing Temporal Generator and Keyframe MSG Animation

The image above is a frame capture from an abstract procedural animation generated by a MSG preset. The movement in the animation is built from a combination of attaching temporal generators to some MSG editable parameters along with the use of keyframe animation to interpolate between 2 different color palettes over the course of the…


Temporal Difference Matte

Studio Artist allows for some amazing effects that involve processing multiple video frames using the temporal image operation effects. You can smear time, generate slit scan effects, create panorama images, and much much more.

Time Axis Rotation

  Time Axis Rotation (shown above) is a cool temporal image processing feature available in Studio Artist 4. The image shown above is a frame capture from a time axis rotation video, which was generated by processing a source video of some kung fu fighters in a gym throwing kicks at each other with a time axis…


Self-Animating Kaleidoscopic Effect

We’ll finish up our recent discussions of kaleidoscopic effects you can create in Studio Artist today by showing how to use a temporal generator to create a self-animating kaleidoscopic animation. The particular approach we will take in this example also creates a self-looping animation sequence. The image above is a single frame capture from the…


Breaking Symmetry in Kaleidoscopic Effects

We’ve recently been discussing different approaches to building kaleidoscopic effects in Studio Artist. Two days ago we discussed symmetry vs breaking symmetry, and how breaking symmetry can lead to more organic looking effects that still maintain some of the perceptual trigger aspects introduced by symmetry in visual imagery. Today’s post will continue this discussion by…