Mixing Vectorizer Effects into an Image Ex2

Yesterday we talked about some creative ways to add stylized vectorizer abstraction effects into a digital photo. Today’s post continues that discussion, creating a kind of hyper enhanced abstraction of an original landscape photo.

Mixing Vectorizer Effects into an Image

There are lot’s of different approaches you can take to mix vectorizer effects into a natural image. For this particular effect, I wanted to break up the smooth gradients in the original landscape photo by adding in a stylized vectorizer abstraction of the original photo. Rather than just overlay the vectorizer effect on top of…


Using the Vectorizer to Define PhotoMosaic Shapes

Yesterday we showed how to use the Vectorizer to generate flat colored regions that were then used to position paint synthesizer text brush word positioning. Today we’ll show an approach to use the Vectorizer to build a region effect abstracted flat color source representation that the paint synthesizer will then convert into a photo mosaic…


Extending a Line Screen Effect with the Vectorizer

  Yesterday’s post showed how to use the Vectorizer to convert a flat color region line screen image processing effect into a smooth anti-aliased vector output effect. In today’s post we will show how to use the Vectorizer to extend the same line screen effect generated in yesterday’s post, adding additional abstraction to the final…


Vector Line Screen Effect

  This post will discuss how to use the Line Screen Regionize image operation effect to create a stylized line screen rendering of the source image. We will then use the Vectorizer to convert the raster line screen image processing effects into a vector effect. Vector effects have smooth anti-aliased edges, and can also be…


Adding Feature Definition to Extreme Abstraction

  Adding some sort of representational component to an extreme abstracted image can often be a useful way to anchor the abstracted image back to it’s original source in the viewer’s mind. This post will show off how to use the Vectorizer Outline Technique to add source features into an abstracted canvas via an overlay.


Stacked Contour Vectorizer Effect

  This post will discuss how to use multiple applications of the Vectorizer outline technique to build a different kind of stylized abstraction effect. We’ll be using the Fixed Contour Outline Type, but you could use a similar approach with any of the Outline Type options.