Converting a Blur Effect into a Sharpen Effect

Studio Artist’s various operation modes that generate visual effects all contain standardized generic Compositing controls that can be used to subtly or radically change the nature of a given effect. This post will show how to use the Edge1 option for the generic Composite control in an image processing effect to convert an effect that…


Time Axis Rotation

  Time Axis Rotation (shown above) is a cool temporal image processing feature available in Studio Artist 4. The image shown above is a frame capture from a time axis rotation video, which was generated by processing a source video of some kung fu fighters in a gym throwing kicks at each other with a time axis…


Region Draw Pen Mode

Today we’ll take a quick look at Region Draw Pen Mode. You can use Region Draw Pen Mode to automatically generate different different hatching patterns that fill an interactively specified ellipse or rectangular area of the canvas. A few of the different hatching pattern options are shown above.