Breaking Symmetry in Kaleidoscopic Effects

We’ve recently been discussing different approaches to building kaleidoscopic effects in Studio Artist. Two days ago we discussed symmetry vs breaking symmetry, and how breaking symmetry can lead to more organic looking effects that still maintain some of the perceptual trigger aspects introduced by symmetry in visual imagery. Today’s post will continue this discussion by…


Alternative Kaleidoscopic Effects

Studio Artist provides a wide range of different and unique kaleidoscopic effects that extend beyond the limited range of typical kaleidoscopic effects seen in other digital effects programs. The image above shows off an inverse kaleidoscopic effect (something unique to Studio Artist). This post will take a look at some of the other kaleidoscopic effects…


Put on a Happy Face

The image below was generated from a very simple MSG preset. We’ll take a look at how it was constructed in this post. Tomorrow’s post will use multiple instances of this simple effect to build a very visually interesting abstract animation.