MSG Mirror Reflection Abstraction

Today’s post take a look at a MSG preset that generates an abstraction effect via horizontal mirror reflection symmetry along with some additional image processing. This approach to generating symmetry effects is an alternative to a recent post where we used successive applications of an interactive warp translate effect to build mirror symmetry in a…

MSG Gradient Lighting Effect

Today’s post continues our discussion of the canvas gradient lighting PASeq preset discussed in yesterday’s post. Yesterday’s discussion focused on how we used the Simple Texture ip op to build a canvas texture simulation. Today we’ll take a look at a MSG preset used within yesterday’s PASeq preset that implements the gradient lighting effect shown…

Simple BW Circular Shape Animation

Today’s post shows how to build a simple MSG preset to create a very simple circular shape animation movie file that loops every 100 frames. We will then use this movie file to modulate a paint synthesizer parameter when creating a second animation effect in tomorrow’s post.

Color Wave Abstraction

Today’s post shows how to build a simple color wave abstraction of the source image. The effect combines a MSG preset that generates a series of colored bands with an interactive warp option that warps the colored bands based on the source image.