Working with MSG Configuration Help Commands

  The following image above is a IFS (iterated Fractal System) chaotic attractor color mapped with a color gradient. The fractal image was generated by building a MSG preset. Instead of editing the MSG preset from scratch in the MSG Advanced Editor, I used a series of MSG Configuration Help Commands to build the preset.…

MSG Sketch Idea

  There are lots of different ways to build exotic black and white (or color) sketch effects using MSG processors. This post will dive into an explanation of how the black and white sketch effect above was constructed using 2 different MSG presets.

Using Add Mutation to Evolve New MSG Presets

  This post continues the discussion yesterday regarding directed evolution of MSG presets using the Evolution Editor. We’ll be taking a look at Add mutation in this post. The MSG preset effect above was created by using Add mutation in the Evolution Editor to evolve yesterday’s MSG preset into a new effect.

Swap Evolving New MSG Presets

  The following MSG preset example shown was created by using the Evolution Editor to evolve new MSG presets. I started with the MSG background preset used in the yesterdays post. Directed evolution is a powerful approach to building procedural art and new processing effects. You can work with directed evolution in the Evolution Editor…