Holy smokes, all I can say is, you all are a bunch of geniuses!!!

This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Thank you!!!

E. McGuire

Nothing even comes close to Studio Artist!

Studio Artist remains the richest graphics software imaginable, I think. Nothing even comes close.

Ron Martinez Founder, Invention Arts. Former Yahoo! Vice President

“Well, that goes down as the best email support ever. :)”

Thanks for the lightning response. Everything worked perfectly.


“I’ve never said ‘amazing’… ‘incredible’…’I love it…’ so many times…!”

Well I must say this is a brilliant program…! I’ve never said ‘amazing’… ‘incredible’…’I love it…’ so many times…! Every time I use it there’s a surprise waiting, it is truly limitless in it’s creativity and artistry.

S. Johnson

“I am so impressed with your customer service, I can’t believe it.”

You and your company are fantastic. What a pleasure to deal with. I greatly appreciate your time and the personal correspondence. I will certainly continue to tell my fellow photographer / artist friends about your wonderful software and service.

R. Starr