Studio Artist 4.0 Automatic Painting and Rotoscoping

Create Outstanding Art or Animation in Minutes with a Few Simple Steps.

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Thousands of Presets

Studio Artist 4.0 comes loaded with custom-programmed Presets all of which are fully editable. You can also create your own Presets or let Studio Artist make them for you Automatically! This gives you the power of unlimited painting, drawing, vectorizer, and image processing styles. From mild to wild and everything in between.

4+ Powerful Applications in One Package

  • Digital Painting – Drawing – Photo Editing
    – Automatic – Assisted – Manual
  • Auto Rotoscoping and Animation
  • Full Suite of Image Processing Effects
    – Plus A Powerful MSG Image Generator
    – Trippy Time-Based Video to Image
    – Morphing and Warping
  • Resolution Independent Vectorizer
    – Raster to Vector Effects

Extensive Real-Time Editor

Who says editing has to be a chore. With Studio Artist 4.0 digital painting and rotoscoping editing not only got easier it’s become Fun! The editor in Studio Artist 4.0 is not just functional and extensive it’s also a vehicle for artistic and exploratory expression in real-time. Just turn on Loop Action and then start jamming with the sliders. That’s why we call it a graphics synthesizer.

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