Automatic Photo Mosaics

Smart Photo Mosaics - Flexible Configurations - Use Your Own Images or let Studio Artist Generate Tile Image Styles

Charis Tsevis Photo Mosaic Gallery using Studio Artist

Mosaics Automatically Created with Studio Artist Presets

Automatic Photo Mosaics

Go beyond the Grid with Studio Artist’s Intelligent Mosaic Mapping

The Photo Mosaic software processes in Studio Artist go way beyond conventional grid-based photo mosaic effects.  Using any folder of images, Studio Artist can intelligently create a photo mosaic from any source image with adaptive regionalization. This includes curves and other shapes.

Studio Artist can re-colorize the sub-image tiles on the fly to match the colors of the source image creating a more realistic render.  There are many re-colorizing choices including the use of color palettes to create a more stylized look.  Studio Artist can also blend image folders with text and computer-generated images as well as paints creating stylized, painterly and abstracted effects.

Incredibly flexible and easy to use.  Hundreds of presets are included to get you started.  Use our image banks or make your own.


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