Auto Rotoscoping & Video Effects

Create Moving Art and Animation Automatically

Examples Using 1 Factory Preset • 1 Layer

No Manual Drawing

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Included with Studio Artist 5.5

Auto Rotoscoping - Video Effects

Automatic Animation – Resolution Independent Video

Automatically Render Video into a Moving Painting or Drawing

Studio Artist Rotoscoping Software algorithms can paint from scratch a source video frame-by-frame automatically.  Design a series of paint and image processing operations on one frame and then let Studio Artist generate a hand-painted and/or image processed video sequence automatically. Completely resolution independent. Use a low-res SD source video and output a rotoscoped version to 4K!

Manual and Assisted Drawing Animation 

Studio Artist offers a full feature set for those who want to create animations from scratch or just add elements to an automated animation.  From layers to keyframing to compositing Studio Artist has tools to help animators create the look they want.  Let Studio Artist help or do it all yourself using our rich paint and drawing tools.


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