Studio Artist 5.5 Features

Powerful Creative AI Assistance

Gallery Show Pro – Generative Art

The Ultimate NFT Generator Tool

The Next Level Of AI Generative Art and Video in Studio Artist

Offering over 3 Billion different Generative Image Options

… So far

10 Interconnected Image and Video Generators

To Create Stunning Unique Art and Animation

The Paint Synthesizer – Automatic, Assisted and Manual Paint and Drawing Mode – Photo Mosaics

Dual Paint Mode – Interactive Automated Generative Art and Animation

Image Operations – Extensive Photo and Video effects Suite with over 75 difference effects

Warp Mode –  Interactive warping can be done on the fly with a large variety of over 65 different warp effects.

Paint Action Sequence – Is used to record all of the modules into a script to create art and animation.

The Vectorizer – Automatically turns Images and Vides into Resolution Independent Stylized Vector Art

MSG- Modular Synthesized Graphics a Generative abstract art processor

Temporal  image Operations – Trippy time-based effects that process a time window in a movie file

Adjust Mode – Interactive real-time image effects, hue, luminance, line-screens, thresholds and more.

Plus Gallery Show Pro – The Next Level AI Art and Video Generator.  The Ultimate NFT Generator.  Automatic batch processing.  Over 3 billion unique possibilities and growing.

Windows System Requirements

Windows 7-11

2GB Ram or More

Mac System Requirements

OSX 10.14 – OSX 14

Mojave • Catalina • Big Sur • Monterey • Ventura

M1 M2 and M3 Compatible

2GB RAM or More

Artificially Intelligent Painting and Drawing

Your Personal AI Creative Art and Design Assistant

Auto • Assisted • Manual

  • Automatic - Assisted and Manual Painting and Drawing

    Studio Artist’s intelligent painting software can automatically turn your photos into paintings or your videos into moving art or…

    You can use the Assisted Drawing Tools to help guide your manual drawing or…

    You can manually paint and draw using the extensive painting and drawing tools included with Studio Artist.

  • Two Easy Steps

    Choose a Preset and Click Action

  • Presets Galore

    Studio Artist includes thousands of professionally designed presets to get you started as well as an extensive editor so you can tweak the factory presets or create your own or let Studio Artist’s Intelligent Assistant create presets for you.

  • Pick a Style - Studio Artist Has Them All

    Studio Artist includes every imaginable paint and drawing style from oils to watercolors to pens and pencils to hatching, mosaics, vector paints (exclusive to Studio Artist) plus a lot more.

The Vectorizer

Automatically Turn your Photos and Videos into

Stylized Vector Art

  • Automatic Resolution Independent Vector Art and Animation

    The Vectorizer automatically converts a raster image (like a photo or video) into resolution independent vector art. Go mild to wild!

    Output to .eps or .svg

  • Hundreds of Completely Editable Presets

    Loads of styles from – Sketch Effects, Natural Media Paints, Flat Comic Style, Delaunay Triangles, Line Screens, Abstract and much more. 

  • Hand Painted to Flat Cartoon Styles

    Auto create vector hand painted looks, to flat cartoon styles, abstracts, lines screens and more.

    Adjustable settings let you tweak an existing preset effect or build a new one from scratch.

  • Natural Media Vector Paints

    Computationally complex Vector Paints not only simulate natural media paints from oils to chalks, but also create completely new vector paint looks previously not possible.


See Hundreds of Video Examples all made with Studio Artist Factory Presets

Automatic Animation 

Auto Rotoscoping

Resolution Independent Video Effects

Automatically Render Video into a Moving Painting, Drawing or Animation

  • Automatically Render Video into a Moving Painting

    Studio Artist can re-paint, re-draw video (rotoscope) frame-by-frame automatically using a model of the Human Visual Cortex embedded in the code.

  • Resolution Independent - Output 4k or Higher

    Start with a lower resolution source video and output HD, 4K or higher.

  • Hundreds of One-Click Presets to Get you Started

    Use one of our Movie presets or design your own by mixing and matching with our 1000’s of completely editable presets.

    Auto create painted rotoscope style videos, or flat cartoon styles, abstract, morphs and more.

  • New Optical Flow Effects

    Keyframes allow for automatic paint transition effects derived off of movements in video frames

    Transitions effects can also be created from sets of random images

    New dreamy auto rotoscoping paint animation effects with enhanced temporal continuity

  • Full Feature Set for Manual and Assisted Animation Too!

    Studio Artist offers a full feature set for those who want to create animations from scratch or just add elements to an automated animation.  From layers to keyframing to compositing Studio Artist has tools to help animators create the look they want.  Let Studio Artist help or do it all yourself using our rich paint and drawing tools.

Automatic Photo Mosaics

Go beyond the Grid with Studio Artist’s Intelligent Mosaic Mapping

  • Smart Mapping

    The Photo Mosaic processes in Studio Artist go way beyond conventional grid based photo mosaic effects. Just check out Charis Tsevis’ mosaics using Studio Artist. Using any folder of images, Studio Artist can intelligently create a photo mosaic of any source image with adaptive regionalization. This includes curves and other shapes.

  • Custom Colorization

    Studio Artist can re-colorize the sub-image tiles on the fly to match the colors of the source image creating a more realistic render.  There are many re-colorizing choices including the use of color palettes to create a more stylized look.

  • Add Text or Computer Generated Images to Your Mosaics

    Studio Artist can also blend image folders with text and computer-generated images as well as paints creating stylized, painterly and abstracted effects.

  • Blend in Vector Paints to Create Cool Shadowing Effects with Mosaics

    You can blend in Vector Paints or Raster Paints to give your Mosaics an artistic look.

Sketch Effects

Automatic, Assisted and Manual Sketching and Drawing

Scribble Effects – Hedcuts – Crosshatch – Cartoon Sketch – Outline Sketch – Ink Brushes – Edging – Pencil Sketch and More

  • Automatic Sketching and Drawing

    Studio Artist Sketch and Drawing Software Algorithms are comprehensive, flexible, powerful and unique.  And with Studio Artist 5.5 they have gotten even better.

  • Lots of Styles to Choose From

    There are automatic cross-hatching effects, hedcuts, outline techniques, scribble effects, quick and loose sketches as well as vector sketch effects including flexible shadowing and line screens.

  • Hundreds of Presets

    Hundreds of designed and completely editable sketch presets are included in Studio Artist 5.5 to get you started. The possibilities are endless.

Extensive Image, Video and Photographic Effects Suite

The Equivalent of over 75 Photoshop Plugins

Smart Contrast • Smart Blur • Glows • Lens EFX • Color • Sketch Effects • Hedcut EFX • Dodge and Burn • B&W • Smart Sharpen and More

  • Smart Adaptive Filters

    Adaptive filters to make your media come to life. Adaptive dodge and burn and glow effects give your media a dramatic look, plus sharpening and blurring effects and a lot more. Colorize your media based on any color palette you choose.

  • Automatically Change the Color Scheme to your Favorite Paintings

    Want to use a Monet color scheme? Just point at any Monet painting or any image on Google and Studio Artist will automatically create a color palette for you that you can use to colorize your creations.

  • Photographic Effects

    Studio Artist has a full range of image processing filters and unique visual effects. These include intelligent filters that are able to analyze a source image and adaptively apply the effect.
  • Unique bezier path generator that can be used by the Paint Synthesizer

    Automatically generate Bezier Sketch Paths that can then be rendered in the Paint Synthsizer using any paint style including resolution independent vector paints.

MSG – Evolution Image Generator

One-Click Automatic Modular Image and Effects Generator

  • Image Generation

    Studio Artist includes a modular MSG image processing architecture that includes over 500 image processing modules that can be combined together to create an unlimited number of visual processing effects, or abstract procedural imagery.

  • MSG Automated Presets

    MSG are automatically generated with the MSG Evolver.  Automatic visual effect evolution features allow you to generate amazing still or animated abstract imagery at the touch of a button

  • MSG Directly Interfaces with the Paint Synthesizer

    MSG can either be used as stand-alone effects or encapsulated into the Paint Synthesizer to create cool custom paint tools providing unlimited user creativity and expandability.


Interactive Computer Generated Animations

Self-Animating Kaleidoscopic and Abstract Effects

On-The-Fly Computer Generated Animations
Great for VJ’s – Live Shows – Content Creation

  • Real-Time Interactive Abstract Animations and Time Particles

    Studio Artist includes real-time interaction features. Loop Action allows you to switch between different processing presets on the fly while they run in a live processing loop.  Paint Synthesizer Time Particles take on a whole new life with live editing while they are painting allowing your mouse or pen movements to change their shapes and movements.

  • Live Video Capture

    Live video capture can also be incorporated into loop action processing along with live interactive editing for live visual performance or live video synthesis.

  • Temporal Generators

    Temporal Generators can be attached to individual editable parameters in MSG presets.

Abstract – Procedural
Generative Art

Generative Art or Computer Generated Art is the heart and soul of Studio Artist and is embedded in all the intelligent aspects of the software.  Studio Artist can create surprising, unique and adventurous styles that can act as an inspiration and jumping off point for your creative expression.

Even with the more seemingly conventional art styles generated by Studio Artist, there is a generative aspect but always in the spirit of collaboration with the user.  Studio Artist can create full works of art completely on its own but where it shines is in collaboration with the artist/user participating in the process.  Studio Artist is designed to be a co-creator and assistant.

“Studio Artist is a real gold mine for serious professional compositional explorations in the visual domain. It encourages experimentation and leads to unbelievable serendipity. I really like the ability to work with controlled randomization, a process I first learned in music composition. Paint synthesizer evolution allows one to export hybridized presets, which can then be hybridized further. Paint and image operations can also be mixed together to create more powerful compositional effects.”  – Otto Laske

Interactive Spiros

One Example of Generative AI Art with Studio Artist


Warping And Symmetry Effects


Adjust Mode

Interactive Warp and

Adjust Modes

Twist – Bend – Transform – Blend – Kaleidoscopes – Colorize – Interactive Double Exposure – Thresholds and More

  • Interactive Warp and Kaleidoscopic Effects

    Studio Artist 5.0 includes a large number of interactive warp and kaleidoscopic effects. You can create amazing kaleidoscopic imagery in real-time from the movement of your mouse cursor.  Interactive warping can be done on the fly with a large variety of different warp effects.

  • Keyframe for Warps and Morphs Over Time

    Warps and Morphs can also be specified by key-framing bezier paths over time in the Paint Action Sequence (PASeq) timeline

  • The Adjust Mode

    The adjust modes can interactively change hue, saturation, luminance, etc. but also this mode can create line screens, thresholds, blurs and sharpening on the fly and more.

Warping And Symmetry Effects

Adjust Mode