The Vectorizer

Automatically Create Resolution Independent Vector Art from From Photos or Video

Flat • Painterly Natural Media and Abstract • Delaunay Triangles • Sketch Effects • Line Screens • Auto Shapes • More

Automatic Photo to Vector Art Gallery with Studio Artist 5.5

The Vectorizer

Resolution Independent Photo to Vector Art
Still Images or Video

Studio Artist’s Vector Art software algorithms automatically convert raster images (like a photo or video) into resolution independent vector art.

Go mild to wild! Sketch Effects, Natural Media Paints, Flat Comic Style, Line Screens, Delaunay Triangles, Auto Shapes, Abstract and much more.

Adjustable settings let you tweak an existing preset effect or build a new one from scratch. The Paint Synthesizer can also be configured to produce a wide range of vector paint styles. Output vector effects as eps or svg vector files for resolution independent printing.


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