New Features in Studio Artist 5.0

The Paint Synthesizer

  • Now over 600 Editable Parameters
  • Thousands of New Curated Presets
  • Extensive New Vector Paint Features – Natural Media to Wild Vector Paints –  Exclusive to Studio Artist (See Gallery Examples)
  • Configurable Shadow Options for Vector Paint and Region
  • New Path Start Regionizers for Intelligent Mosaic Generation Features
  • New Canvas Textures – Examples are used on this Website
  • Dynamic Brushes – Intelligent Brush Size Modulation Emulates How an Artist Paints.  Brush Size changes based on different regions of the source image.
  • Current Vectorizer Preset Parameters can be embedded in the Paint Synthesizer through Path Start to direct the Synthesizer how to paint.
  • Ip Op effects, that generate vector output, can also be embedded in a Paint Synthesizer Preset for region or path generation through Path Start.
  • New Macro Edit Help Commands
  • Image Folder Brushes
  • Enhanced Intelligent paint brush modulators for more tightly defined paint effects.
  • Enhanced Paint Lighting Options for Creating Realistic Oil Paint Effects
  • More Powerful Brush Load Parameters (what gets put on the Brush) and Paint Fill capabilities (how the canvas interacts with the brush)
  • Lots of new Sketch effects like Space Filling Curve, Traveling Salesman, Hedcut, Scribble, Line Screens and more.
  • Improved muilti-pen and Interactive Region Draw Features

Image Effects

  • Thousands of New Curated Presets
  • Lots of new Sketch Effect parameters.  Hatching, Edge, Line Screens, Pens, Pencils, Shape Fills, Painter, Abstract and more.
  • Many Image effects Now Support Vector Output
  • Vector Image Effects can used to Generate Bezier Paths that can be use by the Paint Synthesizer or Path > Path Layer Commands which is a way to Create Different Drawing Styles Based on Automatically Manipulating Bezier Paths.
  • Hundreds of New Editable Parameters For Existing and New Image Operation Effects
  • New Multi-Octave Gradient Effects – Exclusive to Studio Artist – Great for Enhancing Oil and Raised Effects
  • New Watershed Regionizer Effect Types
  • New Linescreen Effect Types

MSG - Modular Synthesized Graphics

  • Now over 640 Different MSG Processors to create Automatic Imagery
  • New Shadowing Parameters
  • MSC Vector Effects Can Now Be Output as EPS or SVG
  • More Workspace Configuration Options For Advanced Editor and Evolution Editor

The Vectorizer

  • Over 800 New Curated Presets
  • Extensive New Shadow Drawing Features – Simple Shadowing to Amazing Painterly Effects
  • New Voronoi Cells and Delaunay Triangulation Region Generation Options – Automatically Regionize Images Into Shapes
  • New Region Fill Options – Gradients, Patterns, Shapes, Hatching, Halftone Screening, Line Screening, Extrusion, Coloring and more
  • New Vector Edge Sketch Options – Lots of new sketch parameters including shadowing and Paint Effects
  • New Image Shape Technique Renders Images with Shapes – Lots of New Shapes and Ways of Organizing them Within the Image

Gallery Show - Automatic Image and Preset Maker

  • Adaptive Auto Masking Options
  • Procedural MSG or Vectorizer Source Options
  • Adjustable Paint Mutation Controls
  • Adjustable Paint Path Options
  • Adjustable Adaptive Color Palette Generation Options
  • User Selectable Process Folder for more Elaborate Start-End Cycle Transformations
  • Image Folder Input Option for Temporal Effects Derived from Multiple Images Rather than Movie Files
  • Randomized Effect Composite Options

General Additions

  • Over 800 curated Paint Action Sequences
  • Preset Search, Help Tips, Tags.  Now Find Your Favorite Presets Much Easier with Search.  Search by Name, Keywords in Help Tip or by Category (ie Watercolor)
  • EPS or SVF file output for PASeq Action Process and Action Animate and Movie Stream Output
  • New Bezier Animation Features – Transform one Painting into Another Painting using the underlying Bezier Curves
  • New Bezier Draw and Edit Features
  • Face, Mouth-Eye, Interest Point Detection Settings in the Paint Synthesizer, Vectorizer and Image Ops
  • New Self Tiling Quilt Tiling Patterning – Quad Block, Nine Block, Diamond Figure and more – Available in the Paint Synthesizer, The Vectorizer and MSG
  • Additional 64 bit Application Build on Mac
  • Resizeable SVG to Raster Canvas Import
  • Variable Size Color Palettes – Choose How Many Colors You Want in A Color Palette.

Temporal Operations

  • New Slit Scan and Scan Tracker Effects – Slit scan temporal effects can be used to Expand, Contract, Extract or Remove Motion from a Scene as well as Create Amazing Visual Effects.
  •  Gallery Show Now Supports Generating Temporal Operation Effects from a Folder of Images