Artificially Intelligent Graphics and Video Software

Automatic Painting and Drawing

Video to Animation

Photos to Vector Art

PhotoMosaics and More

Anyone Can Create Great Artwork

With Studio Artist's Intelligent Assistance

Turn your Photos and Videos into Instant Art

  • Automatic - Assisted and Manual Painting and Drawing

  • Automatic Raster to Vector Art

  • Automatic Photo Mosaics

  • Image Effects Suite - The Equivalent of over 50 Plugins

  • Automatic Moving Art - Auto-Rotoscoping and Video Effects

  • Generative and Abstract Art

  • And a Whole Lot More....

A Few Examples Created Automatically By Studio Artist


There is Nothing on the Market Like Studio Artist

Your Artificially Intelligent Co-Creator

There is nothing on the market like Studio Artist. Based on continuing Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Research, Studio Artist has an embedded model of the human visual cortex and knows how to automatically paint and draw.
But that’s not all Studio Artist can also Auto Rotoscope turning video into moving art and animation automatically.

Pick a Style

Studio Artist Can Do Them All


Still Art or Moving Art

  • Intelligent Assistance

    • Just Pick a Preset and Start Creating with Studio Artist’s Intelligent Assistance and prepare to be inspired.
  • 1000's of Custom Presets

    • Studio Artist comes loaded with 1000’s of custom-programmed [and fully editable] presets.
  • Automatic Preset Generator and Editor

    • You can also create your own Presets with our Extensive Editor or let Studio Artist make Presets for you Automatically!
  • Every Style Plus Endless New Possibilities

    • Unlimited Automatic, Assisted and Manual Painting and Drawing, Vector Art, Image Processing Styles, Sketch Effects, Generative Art and more.
    • From Natural Media to Abstract and Procedural Art to Automatic Photo Mosaics to one-click Raster to Vector to Endless Sketch Styles and on and on.
  • Automatic Moving Art - Auto-Rotoscoping and Video Effects

    • Using the same machine intelligence, Studio Artist can also apply presets to a video automatically creating resolution independent Moving Art and Animation.
    • No Manual Drawing or Keyframing are necessary.  But if you do want to use manual or assisted drawing and keyframing for your animations Studio Artist includes a complete set of manual drawing, painting and animation tools too!

“….Create Beautiful Work with Minimal Drudgery”

Check Out the Automatic Moving Art and Animation


    Studio Artist is a dream come true!


    A. Starfish
  • “I haven’t even scratched the depth of possibilities…

    “I have been using Studio Artist for almost a decade now and every day I am surprised, I haven’t even scratched the depth of possibilities…

    Tucker Stilley
  • Nothing even comes close to Studio Artist!

    Studio Artist remains the richest graphics software imaginable, I think. Nothing even comes close.

    Ron Martinez Founder, Invention Arts. Former Yahoo! Vice President
  • “Well, that goes down as the best email support ever. :)”

    Thanks for the lightning response. Everything worked perfectly.

  • “I’ve never said ‘amazing’… ‘incredible’…’I love it…’ so many times…!”

    Well I must say this is a brilliant program…! I’ve never said ‘amazing’… ‘incredible’…’I love it…’ so many times…! Every time I use it there’s a surprise waiting, it is truly limitless in it’s creativity and artistry.

    S. Johnson
  • “Your customer service is fabulous!”


    K. Brown
  • “…the best customer support I have ever experienced”

    Can’t thank you enough for the prompt response and solution to my request , all working perfectly . My many thanks and gratitude to you for the best customer support I have ever experienced

    C. Bull
  • “I am so impressed with your customer service, I can’t believe it.”

    You and your company are fantastic. What a pleasure to deal with. I greatly appreciate your time and the personal correspondence. I will certainly continue to tell my fellow photographer / artist friends about your wonderful software and service.

    R. Starr
  • “Loving Studio Artist”

    Only problem is that it is detracting from my regular work! I love this software.


    Ben Balser
  • “Wowie Zowie! You guys are a-m-a-z-i-n-g !!!!!!!”

    If the rest of the country, let alone the world was run the way you folks are running your shop, we’d be way better off!

    P. Terezakis
  • “Clearly the most intuitive natural media tool available for the Mac”

    I think Studio Artist allows artists to bring back “play” and experimentation into the creation of digital fine art and it’s clearly the most intuitive natural media tool available for the Mac (and I’ve been using Macs since 1985).

    David Janik-Jones
  • “Many thanks for your prompt response!  Your customer service is exemplary!”

    N. Laiken
  • “This program rocks!”

    Totally different results to anything I have produced. And easy to use and fun!

    Robbie Bryon
  • “Create beautiful work with a minimum of drudgery”

    I want to thank you for a beautiful piece of software that runs on my new Mac. It’s great fun and makes it so possible to create beautiful work with a minimum of drudgery. Thanks again.

    H. Thomas
  • “Fell in LOVE!

    First saw it at demo at Final Cut Pro user group. Can’t believe how amazing this software is. Possibilities are endless, so is the fun. Thanks for developing this software.

    Laurie Pepper
  • “Studio Artist has so many new parameters, it makes my head spin.”

    I often hit moments working with it when I feel intense gratitude to its author, John Dalton.  Studio Artist is the one tool that enabled me to venture beyond the “still picture” stage and into “painting in time.” It is so very intuitive. It is really amazing. 

    Jean Detheux

What's Included with Studio Artist

The Paint Synthesizer

Automatic – Assisted – Manual Painting and Drawing

Create any style from Natural Media and Sketch Styles to Generative and Procedural Art

Auto- Rotoscoping

Turn Video into Art and Animation Automatically

Automatic Photo Mosaics

 Go beyond the Grid with Studio Artist’s Intelligent Mosaic Mapping

The Vectorizer

Turn Photos into Vector Art Automatically

Extensive Image and Video Effects Suite

The Equivalent of over 50 Plugins

Most Unique to Studio Artist

Vector Paints

 Natural Media to Wild

Exclusive to Studio Artist


 Modular Synthesized Graphics

One-Click Automatic Image Evolution and Effects Generator

Interactive Warp and Image Adjust

 Kaliedos • Warps • Affines • Mirror • Color Adjust • Thresholds • Image Balance • More

Interactive Computer Generated Animations

 Create Generative Animation on the Fly

Output to Movie or Perform Live


 Up-Res Images or Rescale DV Movies to HD and Beyond

Thousands of Curated Presets


The Automatic Preset and Art Generator

Gallery Show

We are Here to Help

 Stellar Technical Support Included and Available 7 Days a Week.