Abstract - Procedural
AI Generative Art

Time-Based Image Made from Video Frames

“Studio Artist encourages experimentation and leads to unbelievable serendipity..."

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Studio Artist Interactive Spiro Art

Abstract - Procedural
Generative Art

Generative Art or Computer Generated Art is the heart and soul of Studio Artist and is embedded in all the intelligent aspects of the software.  Studio Artist can create surprising, unique and adventurous styles that can act as an inspiration and jumping off point for your creative expression.

Even with the more seemingly conventional art styles generated by Studio Artist, there is a generative aspect but always in the spirit of collaboration with the user.  Studio Artist can create full works of art completely on its own but where it shines is in collaboration with the artist/user participating in the process.  Studio Artist is designed to be a co-creator and assistant.

“Studio Artist is a real gold mine for serious professional compositional explorations in the visual domain. It encourages experimentation and leads to unbelievable serendipity. I really like the ability to work with controlled randomization, a process I first learned in music composition. Paint synthesizer evolution allows one to export hybridized presets, which can then be hybridized further. Paint and image operations can also be mixed together to create more powerful compositional effects.”  Otto Laske


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