Main Features

    • Automatic Painting
    • Auto Rotoscoping
    • Image Effects Suite
    • PhotoMosaic EFX
    • Vectorizer
    • Gallery Show
    • Morphing Warping
    • Time Particles
    • KeyFrame Animation
    • Thousands of Presets
    • MSG Evolution
    • Paint Action Sequence
    • Live Performance
    • Real-Time Editing
    • Supersizer
    • Time-Based Effects
    • Full Wacom Support

Studio Artist Overview

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Automatic and Assisted Painting and Drawing

Studio Artist Knows How To Intelligently Paint and Draw

Studio Artist is the first and only software program that can automatically paint, draw and auto-rotoscope. Studio Artist examines a source image or video and then re-renders from scratch in the style you choose either automatically or interactively with just Two Easy Steps. Pick an Auotmatic Paint preset and press action or pick an Assisted Paint preset and let Studio Artist help guide your drawing. You can also manually paint or draw with Studio Artist.

Thousands of Factory Presets

Choose a Preset and Press Action – Let the Magic Begin

Studio Artist 4.0 includes thousands of presets all completely editable with flexible and extensive editors. Studio Artist can also automatically generate presets for you using Gallery Show. With presets you can instantly create paintings, vector art, filtered images, keyframe animations and automatically rotoscoped video.

Gallery Show

Self-Generating Art Show and Preset Creator

Gallery Show is new with Studio Artist 4.0. With Gallery Show you can automatically create any type of preset in Studio Artist with a touch of a button. You can also automatically generate artwork creating dynamic and ever changing styles that you can also use as a jumping off point to further manipulate. Gallery Show is extremely versatile and can be configured in several different ways.


Up-res Images or Rescale DV Movies to HD or even IMAX

The Supersizer is designed to take very small images and resize them to be very large images without the stair-stepping artifacts typically seen in traditional interpolation technology like bi-cubic or linear interpolation. Supersizer works great for taking really small images and blowing them up to 600 dpi print resolution for cover art or illustration purposes. You can also use Supersizer to up-res movie files from DV to HD format size or even larger. Supersizer is directly built into Studio Artist 4.0 as an interpolation option everywhere images are resized.

Paint Synthesizer

Powerful Paint Engine with 500 Editible Parameters

The Paint Synthesizer is the soul of Studio Artist and it now has over 480 adjustable parameters and is capable of an even wider range of potential styles and effects. Hybrid vector-raster paint effects can now be created, like painting a vector region that then has it’s edges melted or smeared with water using a single paint preset. The new Live Extend path shape option allows for wild dynamic paint styles with physics based behavior. Photo mosaic, movie brush, and paint regionization features have been enhanced to expand your creative potential. The new Dual Paint operation mode allows you to combine digital painting and live image processing together to create dynamic organic paint presets as well as amazing interactive visual effects.

Paint Action Sequencing

Combine Paint and Effects into KeyFramable Stylistic Scripts

Every action in Studio Artist can be recorded in a Paint Action Sequence (PASeq), which can be stored as a preset and then used as a processing script for images or movie files. PASeqs can combine together manual or automatic painting as well as image processing effects to build intelligent scripts. All of the adjustable parameters associated with any PASeq action step can be keyframed over time using the PASeq timeline. Auto-Rotoscoping is also accomplished by using the PASeq module in Studio Artist.

Real-Time Editing and Multiple Undos

Adjust Automatic Painting and Effects Parameters in Real-Time

Studio Artist 4.0 has introduced Real-Time editing plus Multiple Undos. Editable parameters associated with live paint presets can be adjusted on the fly while auto painting is taking place making it easy and fun to work with any of the editors in Studio Artist.


Keyframing, Bezier, Movie Layers, Procedure and more

Studio Artist provides many different approaches to generating animation output. The intelligent visual processing incorporated into the paint synthesizer allows for automatic rotoscoping paint animation generated from source movie files. Movie layers allow individual movie files to be loaded into Studio Artist layers. This technique can be used for manual painting of individual movie frames, which can be used to build up traditional animation effects, or perform touchup operations on individual movie frames. Bezier paint paths can be keyframe interpolated in the PASeq timeline to build paint animation effects. The MSG module in Studio Artist uses procedural modulators similar to that of a music synthesizer that can be attached to adjustable parameters creating self-animating effects.

Automatic Photo Mosaic Effects

Go beyond the Grid with Studio Artist’s Intelligent Mosaic Mapping

The Photo Mosaic processes in Studio Artist go way beyond conventional grid based photo mosaic effects. Using any folder of images, Studio Artist can intelligently create a photo mosaic of any source image with adaptive regionalization. This includes curves and other shapes plus re-colorized sub images on the fly for a more realistic render of the source image, or techniques that can render a painterly or abstracted effect.

Automatic Preset Generator

Sit back and relax while studio artist creates new looks

Studio Artist can automatically generate presets and/or collections of processing visual imagery for you. Need some inspiration or just a starting point, no problem, let Studio Artist do the heavy lifting for you. Set the parameters and let Studio Artist start generating presets for you. If you like a more hands on approach without getting under the hood there are macro edits to fine tweak presets or use morph and mingle to get more dramatic effects. The MSG evolution editor also provides another powerful environment for directed evolution of image processing effects as well as unlimited styles of abstract imagery and/or self-animating visual effects.

Auto-Rotoscoping – Resolution Independent

Render Video Automatically Stroke-by-Stroke

Studio Artist can auto-paint or rotoscope video frame-by-frame automatically. Design a series of paint and image processing operations on one frame and then let Studio Artist generate a hand-painted and/or image processed video sequence automatically. Completely resolution independent. Use a low-res source video and output a rotoscoped version to any resolution even IMAX!

Extensive Image Effects Suite – Intelligent Effects

1000’s of Editable Visual Effects

Studio Artist has a full range of image processing filters and unique visual effects. These include intelligent filters that are able to analyze a source image and adaptively apply the effect. There are unique sketch effects that can also generate Bezier paths which can then be used to create automatic sketch drawings with the paint synthesizer.


Resolution Independent Raster to Vector EFX

The Vectorizer automatically converts a raster image into a resolution independent vector visual effect. Go mild to wild! Adjustable settings let you tweak an existing preset effect or build a new one from scratch. The Paint Synthesizer can also be configured to produce a wide range of vector paint styles. Output vector effects as eps or svg vector files for resolution independent printing.

MSG Evolution Image Generator

One-Click Automatic Modular Image and Effects Generator

Studio Artist includes a modular MSG image processing architecture that includes over 500 image processing modules that can be combined together to create an unlimited number of visual processing effects, or abstract procedural imagery. Automatic visual effect evolution features allow you to generate amazing still or animated abstract imagery at the touch of a button. MSG presets can either be used as stand alone effects, or encapsulated into the Paint Synthesizer to create cool custom paint tools providing unlimited user creativity and expandability.

Temporal Image Operation Module

One-Click Automatic Temporal Effects Module – Ghosting Trail Effects and More

The Temporal Image Operation Module is a powerful and easy to use image displacement module. It uses video to create amazing displacement effects for both video and still output.

Intuitive Live Visual Performance with Loop Action

Turn on Loop Action and Jam with Studio Artist

Loop Action allows you to switch between different processing presets on the fly while they run in a live processing loop. Effect and paint parameters can also be live adjusted while Studio Artist is auto painting or processing in loop action. Time Particles take on a whole new life with live editing while they are painting. Live video capture can also be incorporated into loop action processing along with interactive editing for live visual performance or video synthesis. Loop action with the new Gallery Show features allow you to build custom free running art shows or automatically generate an infinite range of new presets and/or art images.

Interactive Kaleidoscopic Effects

Choose a Dual-Paint Preset and Prepare to Be Mesmerized

There are a large number of different kaleidoscopic interactive warp effects included with Studio Artist 4.0. You can create amazing kaleidoscopic imagery in real-time from the movement of your mouse cursor. Dual Mode Paint operation mode takes dynamic self-animating kaleidoscopic effects to a whole new level. Just press the action button and watch dynamic abstract imagery animate in real-time. Or use your mouse or pen cursor movement to interactively adjust the dynamic self-animating graphics. Stream your creations out to a movie or use this mode to jam live.

Trippy Time-Based Effects

Capture the Motion of Video Into a Still Image

There is a complete set of Temporal Image Operation or time-based effects that process a time window in a movie file. These include slit scan and panorama effects, as well as visual processing that can emphasize or remove motion taking place in video files. Temporal effects can take movie files and convert them into amazing effected still imagery, or can be used for movie processing. Stack filtering effects can be generated by taking collections of still images and processing them with temporal effects as if they were frames in a movie file, with amazing results.

Morphing and Interactive Warping

Twist, Bend, Transform and Blend

Interactive warping can be done on the fly with a large variety of different warp effects. Warps and Morphs can also be specified by keyframing bezier paths over time in the PAseq timeline.

Time Particles

Self-Animating Dynamic Paints

Time Particles are paint strokes that animate over time. Each individual paint stroke moves over time with controllable dynamic behavior. Time particles can also interact with your pen movements as well as each other, swarming or repulsing in reaction to each other as well as your manual control in animations. Using time particles in conjunction with the new dual mode paint features opens up a whole new world of dynamic real time visual imagery.