Simple BW Circular Shape Animation

Today’s post shows how to build a simple MSG preset to create a very simple circular shape animation movie file that loops every 100 frames. We will then use this movie file to modulate a paint synthesizer parameter when creating a second animation effect in tomorrow’s post.

MSG Symmetry Patterning Animation

The image above is a frame capture from a MSG based procedural animation. A single MSG preset was run in loop action mode to generate the animation output. I opened a movie stream before starting the loop action run of the MSG preset, so each cycle of the loop action processing was output as a…

Stacked MSG Procedural Shape Animation

In yesterday’s post we used 2 temporal generators to build a procedural shape animation from a MSG preset. The preset was based on the 1C Abstract5 processor. Today we use 3 different stacked instances of this processor in a single MSG preset with 3 temporal generators to build a more complex time varying shape animation.