Truchet Based Extreme Abstraction

Today’s post will rework the truchet patterning idea discussed in yesterday’s post. We’ll use MSG processors that generate color patterning based off of color palette streams, as opposed to generating a grayscale patterning grid that is then colorized. The truchet patterns are still being modulated by a source image, but since the global colors in…

Directed Evolution of Simple MSG Vector Shapes

In yesterday’s post we showed how to build a simple MSG preset that stacked a 3C Abstract11 CP processor to overlay simple arrow-like vector shapes to build an abstract procedural image. Today we will expand on what we built yesterday by hand, using the Evolution Editor and directed evolution to build a more elaborate set…

Simple MSG Based Vector Shapes

The images above are some simple examples of abstract vector shapes that can be generated by MSG processor that overlays colored shapes based on a user definable color palette. We’ll take a look at this simple MSG processor and how to use it in this post.

Put on a Happy Face

The image below was generated from a very simple MSG preset. We’ll take a look at how it was constructed in this post. Tomorrow’s post will use multiple instances of this simple effect to build a very visually interesting abstract animation.