Organic Complexity and Modulated Kaleidoscopic Effects

Organic patterns in nature are oftentimes balance symmetry making an symmetry breaking. The interaction of the 2 opposing symmetry making and breaking forces give organic patterns a visual complexity missing in artificial images that have pure mathematical symmetry. There are a number of different MSG processors that use internal modulation to make and break geometric…

DualMode Paint Kaleidoscopic Effects

DualMode Paint operation mode lets you build dynamic paint effects that combine live painting with an interleaved live image processing effect. Today’s post will explore some of the DualMode Paint presets. You can use these amazing presets to quickly generate kaleidoscopic paintings, or to generate live paint animation effects.

Colorizing a Flat Color MSG Edge Abstraction

Yesterday we showed how to build a float sum area MSG preset that generates a resolution independent color source edge abstraction effect.  Today we’ll show how to colorize yesterdays’s flat color edge effect. We’ll also add some symmetry translation warping to the colorized edge abstraction to create the finished effect shown above.

Self-Animating Kaleidoscopic Effect

We’ll finish up our recent discussions of kaleidoscopic effects you can create in Studio Artist today by showing how to use a temporal generator to create a self-animating kaleidoscopic animation. The particular approach we will take in this example also creates a self-looping animation sequence. The image above is a single frame capture from the…

Breaking Symmetry in Kaleidoscopic Effects

We’ve recently been discussing different approaches to building kaleidoscopic effects in Studio Artist. Two days ago we discussed symmetry vs breaking symmetry, and how breaking symmetry can lead to more organic looking effects that still maintain some of the perceptual trigger aspects introduced by symmetry in visual imagery. Today’s post will continue this discussion by…