BW Noire Film Effect

The following images shows a black and white noire effect. Like the previous post, I created this particular effect for movie processing. This post will detail how the effect was created, and how it differs from a conventional thresholding effect.

Vector Styling Cartoon Effect

This post details a simple paint action sequence (PASeq) I was playing around with to generate a stylized cartoon effect for some movie processing. The Smart Contrast image operation is used to help add some additional source feature detail into the stylized vector cartoon effect.

Thread Weaving Tapestry Effect

This post details the individual steps used in a simple paint action sequence (PASeq) that generates a thread weaving effect.  The approach I took might not be what you would originally expect. Rather than building a paint synthesizer preset that emulates threads being horizontally or vertically woven into a tapestry, I used some clever image…

Converting a Blur Effect into a Sharpen Effect

Studio Artist’s various operation modes that generate visual effects all contain standardized generic Compositing controls that can be used to subtly or radically change the nature of a given effect. This post will show how to use the Edge1 option for the generic Composite control in an image processing effect to convert an effect that…