The Paint Synthesizer Image Operations and Vectorizer Modes

The Paint Synthesizer – Image Operations – Vectorizer Modes in Studio Artist   This video is going to concentrate on these three Studio Artist modes, The Paint Synthesizer, The Vectorizer and Image Operations. Let’s start with the Paint Synthesizer. This is the Painting Mode in Studio Artist and like all modes, The Paint Synthesizer has collections…

Using Gallery Show to Preview an IP OP Effect

The following image gallery below off a few random Smart Blur effects generated by using Studio Artist’s new Gallery Show features to randomly mutate new image operation effects in real time. This particular Gallery Show feature is very useful for previewing the range of potential different artistic styles that any given image operation effects can…

Automatic White Balance Correction

Studio Artist’s image operation effects include one called White Balance, which you can use to automatically correct the white balance of an image. Today’s post will take a quick look at using the White Balance effect to balance the nighttime lighting in a processed image.

Colorized Mass Abstractor Effect

The Mass Abstractor is a Studio Artist image operation effect. It can process a source image into a variety of different black and white effect styles. What about generating color output from the Mass Abstractor? Today’s post shows one way to do that, using the Colorize image operation effect.