MSG Sketch Idea

  There are lots of different ways to build exotic black and white (or color) sketch effects using MSG processors. This post will dive into an explanation of how the black and white sketch effect above was constructed using 2 different MSG presets.

Rough Color Sketch Effect

The following images shows a rough color sketch effect created by combining together several different image operation effects. So the paint synthesizer is not being used at all for this particular sketch effect. This post will discuss how to create this effect in detail. We’ll take a look at the Sketch Edge ip op, which…

Extending the MSG Rough Sketch Effect

The first image in the following gallery above is a color sketch effect created by incorporating the black and white MSG sketch effect we discussed in yesterdays post into a paint action sequence (PASeq). The black and white MSG preset was used with the Vectorizer and some image operation action steps to build a more…

MSG Rough Sketch

This post details how a simple black and white rough sketch effect was created using MSG. MSG stands for modular synthesized graphics and is Studio Artist’s modular image processing architecture. MSG presets are created by combining together different individual processors that work together to build up an overall effect.