Colorizing a Flat Color MSG Edge Abstraction

Yesterday we showed how to build a float sum area MSG preset that generates a resolution independent color source edge abstraction effect.  Today we’ll show how to colorize yesterdays’s flat color edge effect. We’ll also add some symmetry translation warping to the colorized edge abstraction to create the finished effect shown above.

MSG Color Edge Abstraction

Yesterday we shows how to use a spatially modulated MSG float sum area blur effect to process a source photo to fake a miniature view. Today we’ll take a look at a different float sum area filtering effect that generates a resolution independent color source edge abstraction.

Miniature Faking

Blurring parts of a photo simulates the shallow depth of field normally encountered in close up photography. You can take a normal photo and convert it into a faked miniature photo by subjecting it to this kind of processing. Today’s post will show how to build a MSG preset effect that generates a faked miniature…