Feb 12 2012

Creating Color Palettes with Using Images and other Techniques

Three Training videos on Color Management through the source area as well as how to automatically make and save Color Palettes using your favorite images or using your favorite artist’s color schemes to colorize your own images.  
For instance, do you like Monet’s colors?  Just drag in any Monet painting into the source image and automatically make a color palette.  Then autopaint, assist paint or manually paint your image into the canvas using the Monet color scheme.

Color and Color Palette Management

Color Modes – Paint-Colorize-Palettize

This video shows how to use the color modes and color palettes to easily personalize presets with color effects

Create Color Palettes

Automatically create color palettes in Studio Artist based on your favorite paintings or images. Create color palettes using source images and several other methods to create beautiful automatic – assisted or manual paintings or use for automatic rotoscoping.

How to Save a Color Palette in a Preset

This video shows how to save a color palette inside a preset so that it will always reference a particular palette. Also explains how edit the Color Mode in Source Color in the editor for powerful color effects.