Alternative Kaleidoscopic Effects

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The 2nd gallery image above shows the simple MSG preset used to build the nonlinear kaleidoscopic effect. Note that the single processor used is the 3CKaleidoNL processor. The IO routing is the same as discussed above, all it does is route the 3 color input channels associated with the MSG effect through the 3CKaleidoNL processor, who’s output it’s then routed to the 3 color image streams associated with the effect output.

The 3rd gallery image above shows the Evolution Editor propagated with mutated variants of the nonlinear kaleidoscopic effect.

Other kaleidoscopic MSG processors include the 3CKaleidoSpiral, and the 3CKaleidoSwirl processor ( as shown below). And of course the original 3CKaleido processor discussed in posts earlier this week.

All of the above mentioned kaleidoscopic processor effects also come in 1C (single channel) variations as well as the 3C full color variants discussed.

Later in another post we’ll discuss kaleidoscopic effects that include additional modulation inputs, that allow for controlled symmetry breaking in kaleidoscopic effects, which can lead to interesting organic looking imagery that contains symmetry as well as symmetry breaking on a local level.

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