Two Different Approaches to Building Kaleidoscopic Effects

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Note that the IO (input/output) routing for the 1 processor effects takes the 3 color input image streams (RSrc,GSrc,BSrc) and routes them into the 3 color input Ports for the 3CKaleido processor (In R,In G,In B). The 3 color output posts for the 3CKaleido processor (Out R,Out G,Out B) are connected to the 3 output image streams for the MSG effects (ROut,GOut,BOut).

As shown in the 2nd gallery image above, there are different adjustable parameters associated with the selected 3CKaleido processor. If you want the kaleidoscopic effect to be centered, you would want the H Center % and V Center % paramters to be set to 50%. By locking these 3 paramters, you could insure that they remained centered at 50% for any mutated variations generated in the Evolution Editor.

I turned off the previous locks for the 2 centering parameters (they are locked as shown in the screen shot at the very top of this post) before clicking the MSG Advanced Editor preview cell to propagate mutated variations of the simple kaleido preset to the Evolution Editor preview cells (as shown in the 3rd gallery image above).

Since MSG allows for unlimited effects development, I can do things like stack multiple kaleidoscope effects to build more sophisticated effects. The 1st and 2nd gallery images below how I worked with the IO routing using 3 temporary image streams to add on 2 additional 3CKaleido processors to the processor chain editor to build a more elaborate MSG effect. You can option drag a processor in the processor chain editor to drag a new copy of an existing one.

I then worked with Swap and mutate evolution commands in the Evolution Editor to build a more sophisticated effect that incorporates kaleidoscopic symmetry along with additional image processing, as shown below.

Note that the new MSG preset is still processing the Source Image ( as shown in the MSG Generic Editor IP Source setting on the left side of the main workspace. The main canvas in the center of the workspace shows the rendered effect. The right side of the workspace has both the Evolution Editor and the MSG Advanced Editor docked. The MSG Advanced Editor shows off the new processor chain list, note that while the first processor is still the 3CKaleido processor, the other 3 have been swap mutated into different kinds of processors.

For more information on building and editing MSG presets check out this tip.


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