BW Woodcut Style Paint Effect

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I used the Vector (solid color) option for the Main Render Option parameter in the Vector Output control panel. This is one approach to generate vector paint strokes in Studio Artist 4. I used the Bezier Region option for the Vector Stroke Type parameter. I wanted to use vector paint strokes to get a tight painted representation with smooth anti-aliased vector paint strokes to simulate the wood cuts.

To better simulate hand generated woodcuts, I used the Sin Path Length option for the Size Modulation parameter in the Brush Modulation control panel. This option modulates the size of the brush so that the center of a painted path is the thickest while the paint strokes smoothly taper at either end of the paint stroke.

Again, this paint preset is designed to work best by painting into a solid white canvas.


By working with different Path Shape and Path Angle control panel settings you can change the appearance of the woodcut patterning quite a bit. For example, if you modify today’s paint preset by changing the Path Type to Line and the Path Angle to Fixed Orient Hatch you get a hatching pattern shown above for your woodcut effect.

Category: Painting and Paint Synthesizer
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