Pantograph Deformed Photo Mosaic Tilings

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The trick I used to fill in the white spaces with movie brush nibs that fill the different shaped white interior grid regions is as follows. I started by setting the selection to the pantograph canvas image. I did this by using the Canvas : Selection : Set to : Canvas menu command ( as shown in the 2nd gallery image above). I then changed the Path Start Generator parameter setting to Selection as Regions – Full On Only ( as shown in the 3rd gallery image above). Running the edited brick wall movie brush photo mosaic paint preset now fills in the white interior regions of our pantograph image as shown in the 4th gallery image above.

At this point you probably want to rerun the the original AutoPaint action steps for the pantograph PASeq with slightly increased maximum brush size to redraw the black grid lines.

The procedure described in this post is what I used to create the original photo mosaic image shown at the top of the post. I was using a modified yantra movie brush as the movie brush to fill the relief modulated white grid spaces in the example image at the top of the post.

The general idea described in this post can be used for more than just photo mosaic effects based on movie brushes. It also can be used to generate really nice tiling paint effects that look like they were made from hand laid solid colored tiles. Here’s an example of a similar approach from one of my posts on the Studio Artist User Forum.

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