Building a Custom MSG Brush Load Paint Preset

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Any time I click on an individual preview cell in the Evolution Editor, that MSG preset will become the current MSG preset, and the live painting paint synthesizer will automatically switch to using that new mutated preset as the embedded MSG preset it is using in it’s MSG Paint Brush Load processing.


I worked with Swap evolution (generated by pressing the Swap button at the top of the Evolution Editor) quite a bit to arrive at the final effect I liked the best. My ending screen shot of the Evolution Editor is shown in the 2nd gallery image above. And the processor chain of the new evolved MSG preset used to create the custom paint effect shown at the top of the post is shown in the 3rd gallery image.


In Conclusion

So, there are several very cool features we’ve introduced in this post. One, you can base a paint preset on a MSG preset that is embedded internal to the paint synthesizer to generate the individual paint nibs in real time.This allows for unlimited extension of the capabilities of the paint synthesizer.

Second, you can use either the MSG Advanced Editor or the Evolution Editor to live edit, mutate, or evolve new MSG presets in real time while a paint synthesizer preset based on embedded MSG is live painting.

Third, you can use these features to build new paint synthesizer preset using the Evolution Editor (as long as the paint synthesizer preset is based on internal embedded MSG processing). Because working with the Evolution Editor to create new processing effects doesn’t require any real understanding of how MSG works internally, it allows naive users the ability to create interesting new paint effects just by clicking preview cells and control buttons to create new effects. And all of this live MSG evolution will work within live auto-painting in real time.

Here’s a tutorial tip that provides more detailed information on using MSG to extend the paint synthesizer.

Here’s a tutorial tip on evolving and editing MSG presets.
You can also use the evolution tag here on this blog to bring up more posts that discuss different aspects of working with the Evolution Editor.
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