Rutt Etra Style Effect Using a DualMode Paint Preset

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The path displacement mapping is generated by the settings in the Path Randomization control panel. It uses Source Image Luminance to add a fixed displacement mapping to the generated sloppy rectangle paths.

The original paint preset used a Path End control panel setting of the Visual Error parameter designed to work with a white canvas starting point (WhiteCanvas Lum Error). I switched the Visual Error parameter to use the BlackCanvas Lum Error option since I wanted to paint on top of a black canvas.

I also wanted to paint with colored paint strokes rather than black ones, so I went to the Paint Color Source control panel and changed the Color Mode parameter from Black Only to Color.

I also wanted to have a tighter rendition for my painted color scan lines, so I went to the Vector Output control panel and switched the Main Render Option parameter from Raster to Vector (solid color).

I then switched to DualMode Paint operation mode. I used the IpOp option for the Dual Op parameter, which uses an image operation effect as the interleaved dual mode live image processing effect. I used the Smart Blur ip op effect for my Dual Op.

The new DualMode Paint preset output styling can be seen at the very top of this post. It generates a very abstract paint style, where the tight Rutt Etra like painted scan lines are adaptively blurred over time with the interleaved Smart Contrast live image processing effect. So you get a softer more etherial visual look to the final painting.

Category: Dual Mode Painting
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