Simulating Pouring Paint

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I then went to the Path Shape control panel and bumped up the Max Path Length setting quite a bit. I did this because I wanted my dynamic paint stream to pour out a much longer distance than the older setting used for the airbrush particle spray simulation preset.

At this point I wanted to add some gravitational force to the particle movement, since the whole point of this experiment was to simulate pouring paint in addition to just building a pen tilt directional dynamic paint tool. So I went to the Particle Paint Mode control panel and turned on the Extra Force parameter to the Gravity setting. Now I now had a dynamic paint tool that simulates directional pouring paint, where I can control it’s direction of flow with the pen tilt and tilt orientation while still having the paint flow be subjected to the forces of gravity pulling it down towards the bottom of the canvas.

The Paint Fill Apply control panel settings we’re using in this paint preset are very simple (since it’s based on such an old paint preset). So at this point we could get into programming wet paint effects in there to add even more ‘fluidity‘ or ‘liquidness‘ to the behavior of the paint preset. But the real point of this post was to get you thinking about all of the many different ways you can modulate the dynamic path generation capabilities of the paint synthesizer in real time based on interactive pen pressure, tilt, and tilt orientation. And to point out that Particle Paint pen mode has gravitational forces built into it.

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