Making a MSG Source Brush

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  1. how do I modulate the size of the nib, so it is smaller close to image edges?

  2. You can control the modulation of the brush size (or orientation) in the Brush Modulation control panel. This is one of the many control panels available for the paint synthesizer in the Editor palette. There’s a parameter in there called Size Modulation. You would want to use the ‘Inv Texture Energy’ option if you want it to get smaller close to source image edges.The brush size and orientation modulation is based on a cached set of images, so you need to setup the ‘# of Sizes’ to some appropriate value (30 works well for most cases). That would give you 30 different brush sizes, modulated from the ‘Min Size Range’ to the ‘Max Size Range’. The Min and Max Size Range values are a percent. They percent adjust the source brush size specified in the Brush Source control panel.

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