Manual Bezier Editing to Stylize a Sketch Effect

Yesterday’s post described how to automatically generate a set of bezier paths derived from the source image, and then paint in the bezier paths with a vector paint preset. Today we will show how you can use additional manual bezier editing steps to stylize a set of bezier paths prior to painting them in with…


Crisp Pencil Sketch Effect

Today’s post describes how to build a simple crisp pencil sketch effect. The effect is painted in with 2 applications of a paint synthesizer vector paint preset that renders a smooth thin gray vector paint stroke. Rather than using the paint synthesizer’s auto-paint features, a set of bezier paths that represent the sketch strokes are…


Sketch Mass

Today’s post shows off a simple black and white sketch effect you can create with 2 passes of the Sketch Mass image operation effect. Like the Watershed Sketch ip op we discussed yesterday, you can use Sketch Mass to automatically generate bezier paths if you want to use the paint synthesizer to paint in the…


Watershed Sketch

Today’s post shows off a simple example of using the Watershed Sketch image operation effect. Watershed Sketch takes an image input and can generate a variety of colored sketch effects. While today’s post will use the Watershed Sketch effect to generate a raster sketch image, you can also use Watershed Sketch to generate bezier paths…


Petroglyph Abstraction Effect

A recent discussion on the Studio Artist User Forum about building paint action sequence (PASeq) presets to simulate brown weathered paper inspired me to put together a petroglyph simulation this afternoon. I’ll detail how I built the petroglyph effect in this post.

Fine Tuning Sketch Paint Presets

The Studio Artist paint synthesizer is capable of some really nice smart sketch paint effects. However, sometimes you need to fine tune the editable parameters associated with the intelligent sketch behavior to get the best rendition of your particular source image. Today’s post will take a look at how to fine tune a sketch effect.

New Blanking Buffer Options for Smart Sketch Effects

The paint synthesizer has always had a number of smart paint dropout options that can be turned on to add visual intelligence to building up sketch effects. Some of these old options depended on starting with a white or black canvas. Studio Artist includes some smart sketch options based on the Blanking Buffer, which allows…


BW Sketch Styles

The following gallery above shows four different black and white sketch effects, designed to emulate different pencil or ball point pen sketching styles. They start out with a tight rendition of the source image and then get progressively looser. The sketch effects build up mass and edge rendition by utilizing the Sketch Mass and Sketch…