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Erasing the Canvas

How to Erase the Canvas To erase the canvas choose the Eraser Icon at the top of the Interface or choose Canvas > Erase to See this Post for more detailed information on the canvas eraser options.  

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Image Operations Intro

This video will introduce you to the Image Operations Mode in Studio Artist   Image Operation Mode Image Operations (Ip Op) are image processing effects. There are over 80 currently in Studio Artist (see below). While this may seem large, the actual number of different visual effects you can generate with these Ip Ops is…

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Processing Selected Movie Frames

Processing Selected Movie Frames This Post will show you how to process selected frames from your Source Movie.   1: Choose File > Movie Loop Action Advance 2: Choose what Frame of the Source Movie you would like to Start Processing From (example shows frame 250). 3 3: Choose how many frames you want to…

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MSG Basics

The MSG Evolver Image Generator is an automated tool that instantly evolves cool generative art. Simply click on a MSG thumbnail to create new imagery based on your preferences.   What’s In this Video This Video will show you the basics of the MSG Generative Art tool to get you started using this tool. (MSG…

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